The numbers are in and it is now evident that mobile internet traffic has passed desktop-based internet use. According to Smart Insights, over 80% of internet users own a smartphone. ComScore on the other hand says 65% of all digital growth is emanating from mobiles. The 2015 Salesforce Study shows 68% of businesses have optimized their websites for mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing out big time.

Why A Mobile Responsive Website Is Important

Responsive Web in Brief

Responsive mobile web design allows you to present you content uniformly on all types of internet devices. The layout of your website corresponds to the size of any device, be it a laptop, smartphone or a smart watch. This conversion is automatic and you don’t have to build different websites for mobile and desktops.

If you are not yet taken on the importance of a mobile-friendly website, here are some more factors to consider:

More Shopping is on Mobile

80% of consumers today say they use their smartphones to shop. 70% of shoppers have their mobile with them while at a store during holiday and they make orders on the device. If your website is not leveraging these numbers, you are losing out on immense opportunities.

Leverage Social Media

Most social media traffic is from mobile devices. 55% of social media users today are on mobile and if you share your links on your social media platforms, this will translate to more traffic and eventually conversion on your site.

Better Ranking

Google algorithms are changing regularly and one key search ranking factor that has received prominence is mobile readiness. A responsive website will get youbetter ranking due to this. More importantly, you will not fall into the pitfall of duplicate content as happens when you are using two URLs. Mobile search is already higher than desktop search, which again translates to better ranking for responsive websites.

Increased Visibility

The more devices your website can be viewed on the better. From tablets to smartphones, you will enjoy more visibility and this guarantees higher ranking and better conversion.

Easier Maintenance

You don’t need two websites for desktops and mobile devices. A single site is easier to manage and more affordable. This leads to better ROI.

Improved User Experience

One of the most frustrating things mobile users mention is trying to manually adapt a non-responsive website on their devices. Most of these users just close the site and look for your competition. Responsive web design offers a better user experience.

A mobile responsive website is a win in every way; it reduces maintenance costs, improves search engine ranking, better user experience and higher conversion. It is time to go responsive, if you need help to make your website to be responsive website our team will help you.

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