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What is UI Website Design?

When a visitor first opens your website, their first impression will typically fall on the design and layout of your site. Together, those two elements form the User Interface, or UI, of your website.

This will form the way your audience will experience and interact with your site – and by extension, your company or brand.

What is UI design?

By definition, User Interface, or UI design is the process of creating the elements for which your audience interacts with to experience and navigate your site.

The UI design has an emphasis on the visual aesthetics of the site as well as navigation.

An ideal balance would be a design language that speaks for your brand or company, combined with an intuitive design that makes for easy navigation around your website.

What is UI Website Design?

Designing Website UI with users in mind

User Interface (UI) design is a skill in crafting the overall user experience that takes into account the end user’s usability and efficiency.

The UI of a website must be able to integrate the visual elements with the overall function of the website to form a seamless experience for the user.

The underlying concept of UI design is to create the illusion of a fluid navigational experience that facilitates the objective of the user for being on the website.

Whether your audience is looking for information, booking a reservation or looking to contact you, everything should be designed so that your audience feels like they’re interacting with your actual business.

Another way to describe UI design is the craft of blending the intangible nature of software together with hardware.

A user interface can be in the form of a voice-activated control, such as Google’s Duplex or Apple’s Siri, which involves auditory interaction between the user and the hardware.

It can also be in the form of gesture-based interaction such as when you use your fingers to navigate menus on a touchscreen device, like on many smartphones today.

What is UI Website Design?

UI Vs. UX Design

It’s common to confuse UX and UI design. To easily differentiate the two, think of UX as the overall umbrella concept and design of a product or brand.

The UI is how the audience or users experience it. The GUI design will help the overall user experience with little enhancements from the aesthetics and intuitive animations and features that are integrated seamlessly.

The User Interface design of your website can truly make or break the experience for your audience, and it pays to have this craft designed by a proper designer.

Island Media Management has a team of dedicated professionals that have created user interfaces, along with other design elements for many notable clients here in Bali.

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