Do you know what Personalized Ads? Let us give you some examples. Have you ever seen an ad that is relevant to you, suddenly pop up on your social media channel (such as Facebook or Instagram)? Perhaps it was something you searched earlier that day, or perhaps it from something that is weirdly targeting you? Do you feel like you’re being watched?

Well, it's actually something like that. However, there are some other reasons that you see these ads that are specified to you. Here are some of the ways that personalized ads marketing work:


One of theAds can be targeted to you through retargeting or remarketing. When visiting a website, most people don’t tend to buy the first thing they see and like, but will leave the page where the item was and think about in a few days or even months before making a purchase. In the space between this time frame, you can forget all about the item.

However, retargeting doesn’t want you to forget! They use cookies to create ads that will follow you and will show you the item again as you browse the web, this is to encourage you to go back and is a very effective way of increasing brand awareness as well as online sales conversions.

Personalized Ads

With the same cookies mentioned earlier, marketers can collect and use your data to be targeted for their ads. Nothing about your personal information like your address and identity will be collected, but more like the websites you’ve visited and the items you’ve viewed or purchased.

Say if you viewed a particular handbag over three times but you didn’t make a purchase just yet. Or, based on your recent browsing history of cocktails, you probably like to go to party clubs. On social media, you liked few pages like CNN and Bali beach clubs. By your information on social media, you are approximately 26 years old and currently live in Seminyak, Bali.

With all this data, personalized ads work can be targeted to you. Marketers can use Google Ads or social media to purchase ads and target people with similar interests to you. Personalized Ads allow advertisers to only show their ads to users who may be interested in purchasing their products.

Is your phone listening to what you’re saying?

Many people have stated that ads appear based on conversations they’ve had when they weren’t even using their devices. For example, you’ve recently been talking with a workmate on a new motorcycle, then suddenly ads for new motorbikes start to appear on your Instagram feed.

Has this actually happened to you? Your phone does have a microphone and could hear you if you’ve left an app open while having a conversation. If you have indeed enabled those permissions for the apps, then they certainly can listen to you. However, this feature might not only be for ad purposes.

Ready to implement personalized ads to benefit your business?

These are a few ways that personalized ads marketing works. Retargeting or remarketing is the most common ways to personalized your ads. If you are ready to benefit your business by using personalized ads, we are here to help. Our experts are experienced in creating audience that can help you target your market precisely.

Get in touch with our talented team of digital marketing experts here at Island Media Management.

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Guntur is a scholar of English Literature from Udayana University. He has experience writing in the field of tourism and has worked as a product writer for 2 years in e-commerce.

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