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You may have seen a number of our services to improve rankings, such as SEO and Social Media management. By far the best way to have a website ranking well in search engines is to start from the beginning. Any website design will start by looking at how the website is put together, thinking not just about how it looks but how it will rank in search engines and the experience users will have engaging with it. We see too many websites that have been built with just appearance in mind without any consideration for achieving good rankings and converting visitors into customers. Our Bali web design team is made up of SEO experts, graphic designers and talented programmers to ensure that your website works!
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Website Design in Bali

Island Media Management is a Bali based company that focuses on providing quality SEO and Social Media services along with top quality web design and construction.  We believe that all of our core services link well together.  To achieve the best results in search engine ranking and conversion we need to keep a few things in mind when we design a website.

The web design should be simple, yet effective utilizing an SEO focused back end. The website design should be responsive, mobile and desktop friendly. We want your website to generate good conversions through excellent user experience and on page content; this can be provided through pages and regular blog posts. Social signals are now vital to good search engine rankings, your website should have an integrated approach to Social Media. Finally, your website should reflect your brand, business and services - we work to ensure y ur web design reflects who you are.

A beautiful website won't be seen unles you consider SEO and Social Media.

As a Bali based website design company, Island Media Management understands what your clients are looking for and how to deliver that quality content.  We also understand that there are too many websites in Bali and Indonesia that are just not performing well enough, let us help your business grow.

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We develop stunning custom front end websites that work. Behind the web design, we put high functioning systems that you can access and edit.

Our technical competency with WordPress, Shopify, booking integration, custom functions and SEO focus is to international best practice standards. We have a team of highly competent Bali based programmers, who uderstand how to build your website so that it is user friendly, beautiful and meets international SEO standards.

Booking systems, direct purchasing, online ordering and back end system integrations are all in our scope of work for website projects.

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Website Design Bali


At Island Media Management we are able to provide you with a website design service that will deliver excellent search engine rankings, customer conversion and thus a great ROI for your business. Our process of determining your needs for your website along with ensuring the best SEO practices are followed is key in the construction process. Our talented team of Bali based Graphic Designers are ready to put your ideas into designs.

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Our Bali based team of in house designers have years of experience in creating beautiful websites. We are also heavily focused on mobile usability and design.Ensuring that your web design is compatible with all users of your website to increase traffic and conversions.

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Once your website is complete you can manage it yourself; we provide you with a tutorial on how to edit text or images across your site. Giving you full control over your website. For those who don't have the resources for content management we also offer a website management service to ensure that your website remains in front of your competitors in the search engines.

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Website Design Successes

seawolf_logo_whiteSeawolf provides unsurpassed luxury and global yachting adventures. They contracted us to develop their website with style and luxury in mind.Visit Site
BaliSafari-Logo-WhiteHome to over a thousand amazing animals - Bali Safari Park's website was designed and developed to showcase products & drive direct ticket sales.Visit Site
logo-mrssippyMrs Sippy Bali is a Mediterranean inspired beach club & music venue in Bali. They wanted a simple one page website for easy customer bookings and event guide.


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