Brand Guidelines

Visual Brand Guidelines set the standards for the usage and application of your brand's key visual elements such as fonts, colors and logos. They provide detailed instructions for staff such as social media managers and graphic designers and third-party service providers such as marketing and advertising firms on how to express your brand visually with consistency and clarity.

Why are
Visual Brand Guidelines Important?

Before starting any digital marketing work for our clients, we always request the brand guidelines and visual brand guidelines. This is to ensure that we deliver a consistent brand message for our clients. Having these documents in place allows you to easily communicate the right fonts, colors, tones and message for your staff and third parties to successfully represent your brand.

Successful branding relies on consistency.

What should be included?

Depending on your business types and the kinds of channels you would be advertising/ promoting with, the following are some of the deliverables that should be included in your Visual Brand Guidelines:

-Brief introduction and core brand statement
- Logos (including stacked and unstacked)
- Logo Variations
- Colors
- Typography
- Visual Elements
- Stationery
- Presentation
- Outdoor Advertising
- Online Promotions
- Apparel
- Photos

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