Think of the last time you had a memorable visit to a hotel.

Chances are you’ve got a personal connection – a story to be told from the experience you had there that was memorable.

Stories help us build a connection to places and help us relate to them in a personal way.

It’s no surprise that hotels with a history or unique story draw in more guests.

Here are more reasons why hotel guests love a story.


Storytelling from the Mountain

Stories inspire us to travel

Studies have shown that stories have a better chance to be remembered in your memory than just plain information, facts or stats alone.

This makes your hotel much easier to recall for potential guests as they’re finalizing their decision.


Storytelling for Travel

Stories help guests place themselves in your hotel

As you browse through various hotel websites, you were probably thinking of how it would be like to be in those beautiful pictures.

This is where storytelling comes in.

You can facilitate this visualization by crafting a story that can help your guests relate to the destination.

By describing the experience in a story, your guests can better place themselves inside the hotel, making it more likely for them to make the jump and book the reservation.


Tell the story

Storytelling in different mediums

Experiment with different mediums in your storytelling.

Instead of sticking with plain text, try a visual or video approach.

Visual storytelling will make it more engaging and captivating for potential guests coming into your hotel.

You can narrate the storytelling from a collection of images or maybe create a short video.

Another point worth noting is that visuals often transcend much more than words can.

Visuals can be interpreted differently with each viewer, making it unique to each one.


Connection of Stories

Create a connection with Storytelling

It’s an inherent social trait for humans to want to create and find connections – a sense of belonging and an understanding of the experience – before we make the purchase.

This is especially true when you’re in the initial phase of planning for the trip.

Having a story allows you to make a lasting impression for your guests, making them more likely to book at your hotel.

Are you a hotel owner? Or perhaps you’re looking to increase the traffic or revenue to your business?

Consult with our specialists at Island Media Management, our team consists of experts from different fields and backgrounds to help tailor the strategy and execution to fit your business needs.

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