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The 9 Most Important SEO Trends in 2019

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is ever changing – you should pay attention to these upcoming SEO trends in 2019.

SEO plays a prolific role in helping your brand or business stand out from the competition and drive valuable traffic to your website. Optimizing your SEO will drive traffic, increase exposure for your website and help the overall promotion of your brand or business. Google is constantly changing, updating and reworking its algorithm to improve user experience for its users. It is in your best interests to stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the latest trends in SEO.

In this article we will be covering some important SEO trends in 2019.

Knowing the intention of your audience

In 2019, when optimizing your website for SEO, you should learn what your audience expects regarding the content for their search, whether that’s text, audio or more visual content.

By understanding your users’ semantic expectations you can enhance the ranking of your online presence.

The 10 Most Important SEO Trends in 2019

Optimize for other platforms

Aside from Google, you should start considering optimizing your content for other platforms. Platforms such as Apple, Amazon and Yandex each have their own segment of users that are worth tapping into.

Structured content

Google is continually developing its AI software to help index their search queries. The key to staying ahead of the game is to structure your content so that it is digestible and easy to index by this AI software.

The 10 Most Important SEO Trends in 2019

Focus on in-depth content

Google has been known to reward sites that have content that offers in-depth information that is structured and laid out in a legible way for their audience to digest.

Credible content

Another key trend is having credible, trustworthy content that offers deeper insight into the subject matter. By integrating quality credible sources, and expert opinions in your particular content, you are staying ahead of the SEO algorithms.

Optimize under the hood

Just as important is optimizing what’s under the hood of your website. We recommend you invest particularly in the speed of your site, JavaScript refinements and incorporating Web Apps on your website.

The 10 Most Important SEO Trends in 2019

On-page optimizations

This optimization refers to how accurate and precise your content is regarding the user’s intention of going into your site, how easy it is for users to navigate through your website, shortening the conversion process, ensuring that your internal site search provides relevant results, and providing sufficient customer support, just to name a few.

Prep for Voice Search

Voice search is continually gaining ground as companies such as Google continually improve their AI as well as Apple with its Siri voice search.

The trend with audio interface sees that content is delivered in a conversational manner, much like in a conversation where you “ask” your search inquiry and you get the results in an “answer” like fashion.

Machine learning

If you’ve ever searched for something specific on Google, you may have seen your result in the form of a snippet that includes a text and image of your search inquiry.

This is part of Google’s machine learning software sorting out all the content it has indexed and picking one that’s most relevant for your keyword.

This is what you want to aim for, being able to be one of Google’s handpicked searched keywords.

You can start by incorporating all the updated SEO 2019 tips we’ve listed here and stayed ahead in the SEO department.

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