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How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency

On this article, we will talk about how to choose the proper digital marketing agency that understand you and your business. With more and more businesses being conducted online, it is imperative to create a solid digital marketing presence for your business. On top of that, there are many digital marketing platforms out there that […]

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Instagram’s Update: Removing Fake Followers

Instagram Update Removing Fake Followers

Have you heard of Instagram’s latest update? The app recently announced that they will be fighting against fake followers, fake likes, and fake comments. As more and more brands and influencers use Instagram as a platform to sell, more accounts are using third-party apps to deceptively grow their number of followers in order to increase […]

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Keep up with Latest Instagram Updates

Instagram Latest Updates

Feeling lost with the constant change in the Instagram algorithm and all the newest updates? Here is a complete list with all the latest Instagram updates you should know about, and how to use them!   Instagram Alerts Users When Friends Are Online Picture by Instagram now shows when your friends are online. It […]

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Social Media and Website – Why You Need Both


Digital Marketing is continuously changing. A digital marketing strategy is required for every well-working business. The question “is a website or social media better for my business?” is asked more often than you can imagine. If you are running a business within hospitality industry, you should check our tips on Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospitality .  […]

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotels (2018)

Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotel

It’s common nowadays to create a digital marketing strategy for hotels. In this highly competitive industry, it is important to constantly adapt to changing customer demands and actively challenge online travel agencies (OTAs), especially when hotels strive for more direct bookings.   For hotels, implementing digital marketing strategies gets more important by the day. It […]

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The Benefits of Digital Marketing

The Calculated Benefits of Digital Marketing

Many people are still not aware of the benefits of digital marketing. When use in companies, small or big, digital marketing can help the businesses grow  their revenue and well-prepared while compete with other competitor. Google confirms in a study with IPSOS Hong Kong, that companies have a 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy when […]

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The Difference between Reach & Impressions

The Difference between Reach & Impressions

Digital marketers often come across these two terms, Reach and Impressions. Of course, most know that both of them are separate concepts, but not everybody knows exactly what the difference is. People tend to misinterpret and get them mixed up. Perhaps you may also ask which one to focus on and which one will be […]

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