Social Media Management and Advertising Services

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is work to clearly present your business through Social Media channels. Island Media Management provide Social Management services with;

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Planning & Scheduling
Content Creation
Creative Design + brand application to Social Posting

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Social Media Advertising

We create advertising sets and build a campaign for your products/services - Setting targeted audiences based on your preferred customer type.

We can direct ads to specific web pages, enquiry forms or map locations. Ads can target areas and interests for example.Our service provides analysis and refinements of your campaigns in monthly reports.

The work includes monitoring spend through each month, this ensures an accurate and effective advertising spend.
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Platforms & Ownership

We are working with the main Social Media providers – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. If you are not set up on those platforms, we can help you to do that as part of our service. You will have complete ownership of the properties - when changing your social media management program you have control.

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Social Media Services

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What we do works socially

We work so your business can make the most out of Social Media to improve customer conversions, and ultimately improve your sales and company reputation.

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