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Search Engine Marketing

Very simply, search engine marketing is the process of actively placing your brand or business in a position to appear in the search engine results pages. Search engines have evolved incredibly since their invention (and continue to do so) but they continue to serve one primary purpose: help people find things on the internet.

Search engine optimization is aimed at securing organic, non-paid search results. It is best viewed as a long-term project that is often slow to deliver traffic, but results in semi-durable traffic delivery from the search engines. Paid advertising (also called pay-per-click, or PPC) turns on with the flip of a switch (and budget spend) but yields no long-term residual traffic volume. Both SEO and PPC are aimed at people who are actively searching and are great to drive specific conversion-oriented behaviors (sales!).

Finally, display advertising is a method to display visual ads to people who are actively searching the Internet, or viewing content related to your message. Display advertising can be a great way to generate brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps create a durable sales channel out of your own website by attracting potential guests from search engines.

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PPC Google Ads

Island Media Management is a trusted Google Partner Agency. We work hard to implement smart, traceable AdWords campaigns to maximize our clients’ ROI.

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Display Advertising

Targeted display advertising across a variety of ad vendors, not just Google Display Network, can directly increase ad reach.

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Search Engine Marketing Successes

handara-logo-whiteHandara Golf & Resort Bali takes advantage of our range of Search Engine Marketing services to improve their online position through SEO and paid advertising.
bluekarma-logo-whiteBlue Karma Resort uses our search engine marketing services to help increase their direct bookings online by increasing visitors to the Blue Karma Resort website.
balihaicruise-logo-whiteBali Hai Cruises asked us to improve their search engine rankings by utilizing our SEO services. Our success was delivered in large organic traffic gains year on year.


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