Have you ever taken a good picture but someone walked through the background? Or there was another item in the background which disturbed you, or doesn’t let your picture look perfect.

With a little help of Photoshop, you can make your picture look like you want it to be. And only show the items you like. The following pictures are showing some examples and can give you an idea about how it could look like when you remove items with photoshop. And its really easy so even if you are a beginner with Photoshop you can do it easily.
emove Items Backround Photoshop

emove Items Backround Photoshop

Example Remove People from the Backround

It’s not hard to do it and afterwards you don’t need to be upsad if the beach is to grouted for you perfect picture.



Open an image you want to work on and press Shift-Command-N (PC: Shift-Ctrl-N) to create a new layer. In the resulting dialog, give it an appropriate name, and click OK.
Step 1

2. Select the right tool, and set everything for it.

Activate the Patch tool by pressing Shift-J repeatedly until you see its icon appear in the Toolbox. Or you can also look for the tool in the Toolbox and select it. In the Options Bar, choose Content-Aware from the Patch drop-down menu and turn on the Sample All Layers checkbox. Don’t change the Adaptation drop-down menu just yet. The Adaptation drop-down menu in the Options Bar lets you determine how much blending Photoshop performs in the target area. Your choices range from Very Strict to Very Loose, for very little or lots of blending, respectively. Experiment with this menu to see what looks best (Very Strict was used here).
Example of Remove Pictures

3. Select the part you want to remove

Click-and-drag to create a loose selection around your target area (the person in the back in this example). If necessary, expand the selection to include more background pixels by choosing Select>Modify>Expand.
Example of Remove Pictures

4. Select the part you want

Click inside the selection and drag it to the area you want to use for the fix, such as the area next to person. Photoshop shows you a preview of what the fix will look like as you drag. Try to match any horizontal or vertical lines as best you can and release your mouse button when you’re finished
Example of Remove Pictures

As you can see, Photoshop did a remarkable job of removing the people from the background, or also create a whole new beach view.
Example of Remove Pictures


Photoshop is a program that we can use to edit pictures easily. With the technique above, everyone can remove items with Photoshop easily. Even, There are many tutorials about how to edit pictures in Photoshop for beginner that you can use as the reference to improve your skill.
If you have any tips or alternative way to do these things in Photoshop, please let us know. If you would know anything else about graphic design tips please let us know too.