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Island Media Management’s Strategy Consulting Services are a way to bring clear and unbiased thinking to your business. We work side by side with our clients to develop creative and practical strategies with the primary goal of growing your business.

Our style is to collaborate with our clients yet we have strength in our ability to challenge ourselves to deliver solutions for problems that exist in our clients businesses, tailoring those solutions to suit the client and the situation in hand.

IN today’s competitive business environment, the clear winners are those with sound, data-centered strategies. Data is your friend.

MORE businesses today are shifting their focus to effectively utilize data when developing a marketing strategy.

MUCH of what we do involves looking at complex situations and complex data to help you develop a competitive marketing strategy.


With more than 20 years combined experience in Bali and Indonesia, we understand about doing business in Indonesia and how the business culture can affect how well a business performs. Over those years we have proven our ability to develop winning marketing strategies that have driven growth.
Vision- We see things differently, offering a more creative solution to the problems you face in a sector we have intimate knowledge with.

Growth- We work with your team to develop strategies for the long term growth of your business.

Results- Our success is defined by results. Our data driven focus allows you to clearly see the results, and enjoy them.

Our expertise allows us to offer online marketing strategies for any global business. If you are a locally based business in Bali then our expertise expands even further into general business strategy development. We have been running businesses in Bali for over fifteen years and understand the complexities that exist in the local market.

Island Media Management’s Strategy experts create energetic and creative strategies to overcome the problems that many businesses face here in Bali and Indonesia. Our focus is help our clients overcome their issues and develop strategies that will allow them to complete in their market, and ultimately generate more business and more returns.

Our core philosophy is to use a data driven approach, but why is this good for you?

Evaluate- Evaluating what you are doing right now allows you you to see which areas are weak, and which areas are strong. It also creates the start point upon which to grow.

Assess- By using data we can clearly determine how your marketing strategy is working for you. If a key performance indicator it so to get “x” amount of traffic to your website then our data can clearly define if those goals have been met.

Revise Data analysis allows us to review and revise the strategy to ensure that we are meeting the goals of our clients. Knowledge is key….data is knowledge.

We share your ambitions! We work with you to deliver tangible results through creative strategies that are easy and practical to implement.
We understand that without results for your business success has not been met. Through our data driven approach our client scan clearly determine if we have been successful. This gives our clients piece of mind that our team is giving their all for our clients.

What is Success?

    • Bali Hotel

      A hotel is looking to revamp their website and deliver more direct online bookings rather than via agents.
      - Online bookings increase by 15%!


    • Spa Company

      A Bali Spa Company is looking to broaden their reach in the global spa training industry by targeting clients from not just within Indonesia.
      - Web traffic goes up 77%!



      A new scuba diving company is looking to build their website in line with their new brand image.
      - Website built to the customer’s satisfaction


  • Cruise Company

    A cruise company was looking to rank well for keywords that they don’t rank for well now via a Google Adwords Campaign.
    - Traffic from those keywords is up 230%!


Have you calculated the value of reaching your marketing goals? We can help you maximize the return on your marketing investment. It all starts with a relaxed chat about what you would like to achieve. There is nothing to lose.

Our philosophy is to treat each client and their goals as unique. We create customized strategies that offer solutions, rather than of-the-shelf services. If you would like to start collaborating with Island Media Management to improve your marketing strategy, we invite you to contact us.

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