Social Media Management

Social media – There is no doubt that social media is playing a bigger role in the lives of internet users today.  Every company should have an active strategy for how to engage with communities worldwide.

Different companies have different goals, interactions, and potential marketplaces.  Therefore, it is important to learn what people are saying about you in order to achieve optimal success in promoting your brand through social networking.

The days of stiff corporate “core values and mission statements” have come and gone.  People now want to identify with your organization as individuals, not as a business-consumer relationship.  Social media is one of the most effective means to personalize your company, engage users and create a vibrant network of people who associate with your brand.

Social Media in Bali

As business owners in Bali we understand that it can be incredibly hard to look after your business and handle your Social Media efforts.  After all, you are meant to be talking and listening to your customers every day; how can you do that and run your business effectively?

Our Social Media Management services work in two parts.

Getting Started

To start with Island Media Management we will get you set up on our internal systems.  We are working with the main Social Media providers such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube however we are able to work with many more options; local businesses in Indonesia may benefit greatly from Foursquare or Groupon (DisDus).

If you are not set up on those platforms yet then we can help you to do that as part of our service.  You will have complete ownership of the properties so if you wish to change your social media management program then you have complete control.


Managing your Social Media

Once you are set up then it’s time to start managing your social media presence across the major social networks.

We will post on your behalf every day on all of the social media platforms.  That’s right, we are going to do all the leg work for you which means you only have to keep us up to date with what is going on in your business, let us know the latest news and gossip, let us know what special events on promotions you have going on each month. Our team will then do the rest to ensure the world gets the message.

An important component of social media is to listen to your customers.  With our Social Media Management services we will help you to respond to your customers, flag important messages and keep you up to date with what is going on.  The more input you can have into your company’s social engagement- the better.

As Social Media experts, we are more than happy to advise you on how your company can make the most out of social media to improve customer conversions, and ultimately your sales and company reputation.

Now sit back and let us handle things.

You can see the fees for the social media management below.


  • Social Media Setup

  • IDR 2,025,000

    One time fee

  • Initial installation

  • Sign Up

  • Social Media Page Creation

  • IDR 2,700,000

    One time fee

  • Facebook / Google+

  • Twitter / Pinterest

  • Company Branded

  • Sign Up

  • Monthly Management

  • IDR 2,700,000

    Per Month

  • Daily Posts

  • Interaction

  • Tailored Approach

  • Sign Up

Note: Our social media services require close communication between your team and ours.

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