Brand Management

Given all the social networks and blogs that make it easy to spout off these days, chances are, someone’s talking about your company online.  Are they saying positive things about you or are they saying things that negatively affect your business?  It’s time to look at brand management.

Either way, if you wish to protect your brand and your reputation, then it is vital that you know what people are saying about you and are able to respond in a timely and professional manner.

That is right where we come in.

We have many tools that allow us to track what people are saying all over the internet, whether they are talking on Facebook, Google, on a blog, or on twitter, we can intercept their comments.  We will then actively monitor these comments to ensure that any negative comments get your immediate attention.  It is then up to you to respond to their complaints which makes you look like a caring business that people will want to use in the future.

You can see the fees for the brand management here or you can contact us for a quote.


Protecting your brand

Just like our other services, we will need to set you up on our systems in order to start monitoring your brand across the web.  Once this is done we will have 24-hour monitoring of the web to look out for new comments that are appearing. As soon as something appears that requires your attention we will inform you immediately.  If you wish, we can arrange for our staff to help you respond to these posts on your behalf.

Each month we will provide you with a report highlighting the feedback that we are receiving about your business online.

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