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Why develop a sound media plan?

When combined with an advertising budget, the media plan is the strategy document that allows a business to turn its marketing objectives into desired outcomes.
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How does it work?

For clients who engage us with end-to-end marketing services, the media planning phase occurs after the development of the marketing communications matrix and before the media buying/management phase. The media planning process starts with a consultation session to identify your top-line business objectives, key consumer demographics and brand guidelines. We take these data along with any existing communications guidelines or brand guidelines to devise a plan that will effectively advertise your business across a variety of available media- online and print.
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Why Island Media Management?

As an integrated marketing company, we are uniquely suited to help businesses large and small to allocate their advertising budgets effectively across a variety of media. This integrated approach also allows us to ensure consistency and synergy across advertising media- enabling clients to better reach their goals and achieve a higher return on investment.
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