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Instagram is a hugely popular social network for visually inspired brands. Increase awareness, engage, and drive traffic to your website through visual-centric advertising with Instagram! Let us help your business make use of effective marketing strategies on this platform.

Why use
Instagram Advertising?

Instagram is a powerful advertising platform that can help your business to reach a large number of people at a very cost effective price.

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, businesses that advertise on Instagram will also have the access to Facebook's powerful precise targeting features. Our social media advertising packages cover both Facebook and Instagram, at no additional fee.

Boost Brand Awareness by placing your ads in front of a large audience, send traffic to your website by appearing to a targeted quality audience, or generate conversions through smart ad placement. Island Media Managements team of digital marketing specialists can help to make sure your ad is seen by the right audience with a cost-effective budget.

Advertising Platform

Known as a platform rich in photos and videos, Instagram provides the opportunity to visually appeal and be creative in enticing your audience's attention. You can use photos, videos, carousels (a set of photos or videos that you audience can swipe through) and even utilize a captivating Instagram Story.

Instagram has proven to be an effective channel of engagement, boasting the highest level of engagement of social media networks. Our experienced team can help you to succesfully reach your target audience with customized copy and visual for your business for a one-off promotion or long-term campaigns.

Instagram Advertising with
Island Media Management

Instagram Advertising isn't just about fancy filters or flatlay photos. To see a high return on investment of your ad spend, you will need a solid Instagram Advertising plan.

Our digital marketing specialists can work together with you. Let us know your objectives and our team can devise a plan. We formulate a calculated budget allocation for maximum results, select the right audience for your business, recommend the best ad format, and create the ads to effectively achieve your marketing goals.

Types of
Instagram Advertising

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