Hair Coloring is fun, but some people just want to change their hair color in their imagination instead of doing it for real. With Photoshop, you can make your dreams come true and change your hair color.

Changing hair color with Photoshop is easy.  You can choose any color that you want to make yourself look prettier in the picture.

Changing Hair Color with Photoshop

Instead of changing your hair color only you can also change the color of your shirt, dress or anything you like. Just select the area of a picture you want to change the color of.


4 Easy Steps to Change Hair Color in Photoshop

If you pay attention carefully to this guide, you will find out that using Photoshop is not as difficult as you thought. When you are a Beginner with Photoshop this will help you to improve your skills. Here are the basic techniques to change your hair color in an image:

1.Open the picture that you want to edit

You have the freedom to choose which picture that you want to edit. Just click File- Open, then choose the picture.

Open Picture Photoshop

2. Select the hair area that you want to change

There are three kinds of tools that you can use to select the area on the pictures:

  1. Lasso tool: this tool allows you to draw a freehand selection.
  2. Polygonal lasso tool: this tool is used to make straight sided selections.
  3. Magnetic lasso tool: this tool helps us to detect the object’s edge and snaps alongside it while you are moving near it.

In this case, we use Lasso Tool to select the hair area because it’s easier. You just need to click the Lasso Tool in the tools bar, then make a selection directly on the picture.

Lasso Tool

 3. Use Refine Edge to specifically edit the selection that you’ve made

After you select the hair area, now it’s time to edit the selection to make it looks more natural. Click Select – Refine edge. A separate window will open where you can change the settings. You see this in the picture below.
Using refine Edge

Change your output into “New Layer”, and the entire area that you did not select, becomes a pattern of grey and white pixels.
Now you may want to touch up any rough areas along the inside edge of the hair selection. When you are done just press ok.

 4. Change hair color

On the bottom right you find a circle which says adjustment color. Click on it and select Selective Color.
Selection Tool


A box will then open and there will be the four basic color schemes in front of you; cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow, and black.

Adjustment color

You can do many different color combinations; it just depends on what you are looking to do. You will find that you can do much of the changes in hair color by using the color selection and simply moving the sliders until you are happy with the results.

Change Hair Color


So you see with this 4 steps its easy to change the hair color in Photoshop. In the picture below you see the final results. If you have any questions or remarks just leave us a comment.

Changing Hair Color

Practice makes perfect

Photoshop is a cool & simple tool, as we can see in the process above, it is pretty easy to change different things in a picture using Photoshop. All you need to do is to get simple tips and practice it.

If you have any other idea or tips please share with us. Let’s practice! Try to change the color of the women’s shirt using the 4 steps.