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SEO strategy for Food Business

Website for Food Business that already SEO Optimized

Maybe you’re asking, why should you focus on improving your SEO for your Food Business? Food businesses on the Internet are getting so popular that when a user is looking for a place to eat, he is instantly targeted by plenty of websites. Back in 2011, there were already more than 10 million recipe searches […]

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The Mobile Thumb Zone

The mobile thumb zone

Today we are going to talk about the ‘’Thumb Zone’’ on mobile devices and why it is so important. In 2019, almost everybody has a mobile phone, for some people, it is the most important thing in their lives. They search, communicate, navigate and even buy products with the phone. What is the Thumb Zone? […]

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Tips to Get A Readable Blog that Can Be Shared

Readable Blog

In 2019, the most popular subject is having solid content. Everybody is making content and some are good and some are bad. But even when your blog is good and readable, you need to make sure that your audience can find it and that it has great legibility. In this article, we’ll be sharing valuable […]

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Don’t hold back your SEO for an optimized website

SEO Website Review

Behind every successful business is an SEO-optimized website to compete for ranks on the web. This seemingly subterranean part of your business will improve the overall visibility, ranking and searchability of your products or services. However, there are even more benefits of having an SEO-optimized website. We’ll be outlining compelling reasons how SEO will increase […]

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Get ready for Voice Search

Voice Assitant

A few years ago, Voice assistants seemed like a gimmick or a fad. Starting with the voice activated commands in Apple’s Siri, now each of the major smartphone manufacturers have their own versions of Voice Assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Voice search is increasingly popular mainly due to how convenient and easy […]

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How to Increase Revenue through Digital Marketing

Targeted Advertising Revenue increase

The internet is gradually becoming the common ground where people conduct their businesses, therefore it is in your best interest to establish a solid digital marketing strategy to secure your revenue. In fact, it is becoming much easier and secure for businesses to establish their operations online. Therefore, in order to keep up with your […]

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6 Exciting Website Design Trends for 2019

Website Design Trends

In this article we’ve listed 6 design trends for you to consider to give your website a fresh new look for 2019. The way your website is designed plays a vital role in how your audience will perceive your business or brand. For many businesses, the Internet has become an important platform for reaching out […]

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The 9 Most Important SEO Trends in 2019

Search Engine Optimization Tips 2019

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is ever changing – you should pay attention to these upcoming SEO trends in 2019. SEO plays a prolific role in helping your brand or business stand out from the competition and drive valuable traffic to your website. Optimizing your SEO will drive traffic, increase exposure for your website and […]

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