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SEO strategies for small businesses (Part 4)

We are coming to an end to our “SEO strategies for small businesses” series. Covering from the most fundamental topics in SEO, to knowing the right components of SEO. We have discussed strategy you should consider for your small business, choosing a reliable SEO provider, and finally today, a list of SEO tools perfect for […]

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SEO Strategies for Small Businesses (Part 3)

Recently, we’ve been covering the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. Including what SEO is, which SEO components you should be applying in your small business, and if your business needs SEO. Looking for an SEO provider can be time consuming and empty your pockets in a blink of an eye – especially if you haven’t […]

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SEO – Strategies for small businesses (Part 2)

On our recent blog post, we covered what Search Engine Optimization is and which of the fundamentals you should be using in your small business. Today, we move on to which SEO components are right for your small business and your business needs. Working with different industries all over Bali, Indonesia, we deal with multiple […]

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Bing Remarketing as an Opportunity to Grow

Bing is a search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. With it being low key, Bing offers an opportunity that’s not widely discussed in the marketing industry. When discussing remarketing, the no.1 platform that comes to mind is Google. However, there are many cases of Bing Network being associated with a successful remarketing program. This […]

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Advantages of Increasing Hotel Direct Bookings

With online travel agencies (OTA) becoming increasingly popular, especially in Bali, hotels are struggling to build more direct bookings. The big local OTA’s such as Traveloka, Agoda, and Raja Kamar are certainly doing a good job at consolidating travel documents, with the primary purpose to only find you an available room at a hotel of […]

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Tools You Need to Improve Your SEO

To compete with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it is necessary to have the best tools, whether it is free or paid, at your fingertips. Island Media Management believes that having access to these tools can reveal new business opportunities, save time, and keep track of your SEO and find ways to optimize it. Many of […]

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How Competitive Data Improves Search Engine Marketing

Competitive advertising observations helps marketers make more strategic decisions. It is one of the most useful and important sources that can identify your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) targets and provide fundamental input to improve your overall marketing strategy. The analysis can turn complex depending on the factors you choose to take into consideration. In order […]

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