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SEO for independent hotels

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a valuable digital marketing strategy that helps your hotel gain its deserved visibility on big search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, SEO isn’t always as simple as it sounds. In fact, it is a strategy that is complex and constantly changing to the search engines algorithms, making […]

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A match made in heaven: SEO & Content development

Businesses of all sizes -from corporate industries to small local ones- need a cohesive approach to a successful digital marketing front. If you’re seeking to achieve online domination, calibrating your SEO and content development aspect of your website is important. As Bali’s most reputable digital marketing agency, Island Media Management is ready to help you […]

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How to use social influencers successfully to market your hotel?

Have you ever thought about connecting with powerful social media influencers to boost your hotel business? With a well-planned strategy, Influencer Marketing for hospitality is a potential channel in a world where digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing methods. At Island Media Management, our supportive team is ready to deliver tailor-made Influencer Marketing […]

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