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How to use social influencers successfully to market your hotel?

Have you ever thought about connecting with powerful social media influencers to boost your hotel business? With a well-planned strategy, Influencer Marketing for hospitality is a potential channel in a world where digital marketing is taking over the traditional marketing methods. At Island Media Management, our supportive team is ready to deliver tailor-made Influencer Marketing […]

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Is keywords in SEO still necessary for hotels?

The perfect SEO strategy is a never ending debate between marketers since forever. In the last couple of years, the importance of keywords playing a role in SEO has become more and more spoken about between digital marketing experts. What started it all To understand this debate, we’ll need to rewind briefly to 1995 when […]

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5 Reasons to Go Mobile

The use of smart phones and tablets have been sky-rocketing in recent years. Since last year, it is reported that mobile device use in nearly all major markets has now surpassed desktop use. Following this trend, digital marketers and web developers should be expected to follow mobile development standards. Despite this overwhelming trend, it is […]

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Traffic Slump got you in the Dumps?

One of the most dreaded things to happen to your website is when its traffic takes a dip. Your email newsletter marketing, social media management, and content strategy are all on point, so what is causing the decline in traffic. More importantly, what do you do about it? First things first: Don’t panic. There are […]

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4 ways to Supercharge your Online Audience Strategy

Since the beginning of Internet search marketing, marketers have used the power of keywords as proxies to represent user intent. A modern day SEO tactic that allows businesses to improve online presence is to focus on specific keywords to entice your visitors. But how accurate are these keywords? Can they precisely predict a user’s next […]

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