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Values we live by: A responsive website design

Developers and website designers revolve their optimization of a webpage through the advice of the world’s largest search engine: Google. This is because it helps a webpage get recognized by Google based on its constantly changing algorithms and benefits for SEO purposes. In 2015, the search engine finally took a stance on the topic of […]

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Values we live by: SEO’s value to your business

Digital marketing has become a powerful and in demand tool by many businesses. Some are even successful because of these strategic and effective marketing tactics, especially with social media. However, a lot of these companies are still lacking knowledge in basic SEO. There are 3 essential parts of SEO any business owner should know: It […]

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Online Life: An Inviting Company Online

How can you properly appeal to potential customers with your brand – choosing your business over competitors as the right choice? Countless questions that revolve around appealing to the people have entered our marketing office. At Island Media Management, we not only find solutions to problems, but we learn from them. Being based in one […]

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The dark side of SEO

Search engine optimization ensures visibility in organic (non-paid) search lists. SEO is one of the hottest, most diverse, rapidly changing means of digital marketing. Sincerely said, it is understandable every single day, millions of internet users utilize search engines – such as Google – seeking for products and services. The other side of the coin […]

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Help! My optimized site is not ranking!

You’ve done all you can to optimize your site by writing pleasant title tags, beautiful meta’s to attract clicks, using relevant target keywords in your copy, and write spectacular content. But, you’re not ranking. As Bali’s trusted digital marketing agency, we know how frustrating that can be. Especially if your business is providing an excellent […]

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