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How do you know if your website needs some SEO work done?

So you have a website, and it looks all nice and pretty, right? Perhaps you get complimented on how well it appears and represents your business or brand? Yet something is not quite right……people just don’t seem to visit your site enough.  Chances are SEO are what you need to think about yet how do you really know if your website needs some SEO work on it? My business is all about helping people think about SEO, or search engine optimization as it is also known.  So what factors do you need to consider before turning to the SEO industry?

Search Engine Rankings

Open up and type in a keyword that you think people would use to try and find your website.  Where do you appear?  On the first page? On the second?  Did you know that at least 91.5% of Google traffic comes from the first page, with at least 35% coming from the number one position.  So if you are not top of the list on page one then you need some SEO work done!

Check out your competition

Whilst you might not expect to rank well against some of the bigger websites, like Wikipedia, you do want to be ranking well when it comes to your competitors.  Get back onto that Google search and see where they are ranking.  Are they above you?  If so then you need some SEO work done!

SEO Tools

There are a lot of useful online tools that can help you analyse your website to see if you need any SEO work done.  At Island Media Management we can do an assessment of your site for you and show you where we can help to improve your rankings, and thus your return on investment.  If you are a Bali based business then we are happy to come by and meet you face to face to discuss your SEO needs.  You can contact us any time.

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