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6 Exciting Website Design Trends for 2019

In this article we’ve listed 6 design trends for you to consider to give your website a fresh new look for 2019.

The way your website is designed plays a vital role in how your audience will perceive your business or brand.

For many businesses, the Internet has become an important platform for reaching out to their audience as well as a place to promote content regarding their brand or business.

The question then becomes, how can you stand out among the many websites already established online?

One way is by staying ahead of the game and incorporating the latest website design trends on the internet.

Here’s the list (psst, the examples here are websites developed by us! 🙂 ) :


Website Design Trends

Asymmetrical Layouts and Broken Grids

The traditional grid layout is essentially placing your text and other design elements on an imaginary grid to facilitate easy reading and legibility of the content.

However, you can mix it up and push this design rule by placing design elements in unexpected places to keep your audience engaged and keep their attention on your content.

When executed properly, this design can make a powerful statement for your brand.


Website Design Trends

Retro Design

When talking about retro designs, what we mean is the use of certain design elements that are taken from a particular time period considered to be “classic”, and provides a sense of nostalgia to its readers.

This can be in the form of classic typography designs, color schemes or navigation menu layouts.

When done properly, it can have a profound effect on your audience and make a lasting impression.


Website Design Trends


The use of specific colors, or even the absence of color, has been a tool that’s used by many designers.

Colors can add a certain mood or tone to your website. With that in mind, it’s also worth noting the usage of fewer colors as a way to draw your audience to certain content or design elements.

When properly applied, it can serve as a powerful tool for you to leverage and make your website more memorable. It can also form a more solid impression of your brand or business by making it stand out more than the rest.


Website Design Trends

Experimental Navigations

Crafting the navigational elements of your website is one of the most important aspects of your website design.

The way navigational elements are laid out will determine the way your audience will interact with your site – and by extension – alter their impression of your brand or business.

To make a more interactive experience, you can try mixing up your menu layouts in conjunction with visual elements of your site.


Website Design Trends

Negative Space/White Space

Negative space has been used fairly often as a compositional element by photographers and for a good reason.

Having negative space allows the eyes to rest and wander across the frame or image.

This has a similar effect on website design. By having more negative space than the content itself, your audience will have more room to think and digest the content of your website.

This layout is especially great on a website that emphasizes design or creative businesses.


Website Design Trends

Play with Typography

Typography is something that is often overlooked when trying to infuse a creative element in website design. The way text is displayed on your site can alter the feeling and overall impression of your site.

However it needs to be executed properly and still be legible for your audience to read and navigate through.

Some of these trends may seem unorthodox and push the very limits of what is an acceptable website design by modern standards.

However, with some moderation and tasteful execution, these design trends may be just what you need to give your website a fresh new look.


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