The booming social media platform Instagram is now more than just Facebook’s younger sibling. It has become a digital marketing tool that has been questioned whether it is just a fad or is here to stay.

With an astonishing 800 million monthly users, Instagram is here to document life’s precious moments in tiny effortless posts. With the social media platform’s discerning millennial audience, Instagram has set a new standard for the traditional digital marketing tactics, which makes it a challenge for businesses to find a way in.

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As one of the island’s most reputable digital marketing agency, Island Media Management is here to keep you in the loop by introducing to you 4 tactics to boost your Instagram sales funnel to an achievable success:

  1. Add a call to action in your Instagram bio
    With Instagram, you just got to use what’s available to your advantage. A simple yet overlooked tactic is the call-to-action (CTA) positioned in your bio that directs your followers to your e-commerce store or website.
  2. Link in story
    Unfortunately, this feature is only available to accounts with more than 10,000 followers – all the more reason to invest your time into creating an Instagram empire.

    Instagram stories, a feature which was only added last year, allows users to display a combination of photos and mini video snippets into a slideshow that disappears after 24 hours. These elite users can now access the feature to share a CTA for people to swipe to:

    • Read more
    • Direct them to your website
    • Buy a specific product or service
    • And more.
  3. Collaborate with social media influencers
    There is even an estimated spend brands are using on this new Instagram influencer marketing tactic.

    Influencers, who range from bloggers, fitness professionals, and photographers to A-list celebrities, have turned social media marketing into an art. With implementing the right strategy, your brand can come to an agreement with influencers that can help you generate a great ROI in terms of sales conversions and brand awareness.

  4. User provided content
    If you’re running an e-commerce business, a great way to stay engaged while producing content every day is reposting with user generated content. By encouraging your followers and buyers to repost a photo of your product and tagging your account or using a branded hashtag can promote brand awareness

Social media management is a new marketing tactic to any digital marketing agency. To rely on something as temporary as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms can seem like a risk. As digital marketing professional’s, Island Media Management is confident in delivering unmeasurable results. Click here to learn more about our social media management service.